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Vintage Car Rental for your Wedding

What better way to make an entrance for your special day than with a vintage car rental, just like the couple did for this latest wedding – Forest Edge Gembrook.

With breathtaking views as a backdrop, the addition of one of JC Jags vintage jaguars set against a blue sky with scattered fluffy clouds for this latest wedding – Forest Edge Gembrook, was the perfect final piece to complete a magical day.

JC Jags latest wedding – Forest Edge Gembrook is the perfect example of including a vintage car as part of your wedding. It’s a romantic and nostalgic touch that adds a sprinkling of elegance, charm and also a sense of timeless beauty to your special day.

Are you thinking about how you want to make your grand arrival at your wedding but haven’t found the right transport? Here’s a few reasons why you’ll love being driven in one of JC Jags beautiful cars.

Wedding car hire gembrook

Perfect for photos

We all know photos are a big part of your wedding day. Just look at the proof with the latest wedding at Forest Edge Gembrook. There’s no denying that one of JC Jags cars offers up a backdrop you can’t resist. Strike a pose with your partner in the car or outside and add a cherished memory to your photo collection that you’ll remember forever.

Style all the way

Vintage cars exude a sense of style and elegance that is unmatched by today’s modern vehicles. Arriving at your wedding venue in a beautifully restored vintage car will make a lasting impression on everyone and create a memorable entrance that reflects everything about you and your day.


A touch of yesteryear charm

Share a moment with the years gone by in a car that originally saw it all. Riding in a vintage car on your wedding day evokes a sense of nostalgia and romance that is truly magical. It’s a chance to step back in time and experience the elegance and charm of an almost forgotten time.

Wedding Gembrook Bride

Personal and unique

Whether you’re planning a vintage-inspired wedding or simply want to add a touch of retro  old-school flair to your celebration, a vintage rental car provides the perfect finishing touch to a day that’s all about you. We all know that limos and other luxury cars are usually popular choices for weddings, a vintage car stands out as a distinctive and eye-catching alternative.


Wedding care hire

Looking to elevate the sophistication and charm of your wedding? Contact the team at JC Jags to organise your personalised vintage car rental.

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