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Classic Wedding Car Hire in Melbourne

The type of car you arrive in at your wedding speaks volumes about who you are as a couple. Think about classic wedding car hire in Melbourne.

Transportation is often overlooked when planning a wedding, but it’s one of the most important elements of the day.

The cars you arrive in can set the tone for the entire event. Consider classic wedding car hire for your Melbourne wedding.


Melbourne Classic Wedding Car Hire

Melbourne Classic Wedding Car Hire

Wedding cars aren’t always limousines.

Many couples choose a different type of vehicle, whether it be a classic convertible, sports car, or specialty vehicle.

For the lovely couple, classic white Jags made their entrance so much more special.

View our Jaguar MK-V, Jaguar MK-VII, and Jaguar Sovereign on our page.

Jaguars Are Stylish and Timeless

Jaguars are luxurious and stylish.

Their timelessness makes them the perfect touch to a traditional yet sophisticated wedding.

Go Vintage With Modern Twists

Jaguars have always had a vintage appearance to them, yet today, they are paired with modern features.

Wood panels add vintage glamour, but JC Jag’s cars also have leathers seats, a mini bar, DVD and sound system.

Our cars have anything your wedding party needs to all sit back and enjoy the ride.


Melbourne Classic Wedding Car Hire – Big Enough for Your Bridal Party

Jaguars seat four people, so it’s enough for a small bridal party.

For a larger group, you’ll only need two or three Jaguars, and you’re all set.

Jaguar’s different models are designed to complement each other, so this will add to the aesthetics of the event.


Melbourne Classic Wedding Cars Hire
Melbourne Classic Car Hire Wedding

They Make for Stunning Photos

Jaguar exteriors complement their stylish interiors.

Chrome striping on a white base adds contrast to any wedding photo, as you can see here.

The happy couple had their ceremony and reception in Forest Edge, Gembroke, and their elegant white Jaguar against the sprawling greenery was the prop they needed for a gorgeous wedding album.

Congratulations and wishing you both all the very best as husband & wife.


JC Jags immaculately restored Jaguar MK-V, MK-VII and Sovereign are the ultimate in luxury and style.

Make a grand and memorable entrance with a chauffeured Jaguar.

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