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Imagine your perfect wedding with Albert Park classic wedding car hire…perhaps it sounds something like this?

Beginning at a chapel filled with traditional regal elegance, then being chaperoned in the Albert Park classic wedding car hire of your dreams, and finishing at a reception in a grand, boutique hall filled with celebration and joy… all in one of the largest and best parks in Melbourne.

Sounds amazing right? The only problem is finding the perfect locations and car to match the magnificence of your dreams. Luckily, Albert Park classic wedding car hire doesn’t get any better than an elegant Jaguar.  We already know the perfect locations, and can easily arrange incredible Jaguar wedding cars to compliment them.  Our cars are guaranteed to satisfy even the most lustrous of dreams and expectations.

After a recent wedding we attended, the team at JC Jags recommends St Fidelis Catholic Parish for all couples planning a church wedding. The spacious interior teems with spiritual tranquility, creating the calm, deep and solemn atmosphere that only resonates within historic churches. The outside is just as spectacular, boasting a traditional style that brings forth memories of old European-inspired Melbourne. St Fidelis was established in 1927 and was one of the first parishes in the west of Melbourne. It has been a significant part of Melbourne’s history and of people’s lives for generations and will certainly have a powerful spiritual influence on your wedding.

After your wedding ceremony, there is no better way to relax, unwind, bask in the love of your new wife or husband and mentally prepare for the reception than to be chaperoned by an experienced and professional chauffeur. With JC Jags, you’ll be able to select the classic Jaguar of your dreams, the kind you’ve seen in films, and allow yourself the luxury and class that you deserve on your special day. You’ll feel like a celebrity!

Albert Park Classic Wedding Car Hire

In this recent wedding, we drove the stunning couple to their reception at a function centre suitably called ‘The Park,’ in the stunning and spacious Albert Park. The Park allows for up to 500 guests, has an outdoor covered balcony and boasts an extravagantly unique and detailed interior design.

The Park is situated right on Albert Park Lake, one of the most picturesque and renowned locations in Melbourne. All your friends and family will know it and will gasp with amazement when they see the location written on the invitation. Albert Park itself is over 2 square kilometres and provides stunning natural beauty and brilliant views of the cityscape. You’ll be able to have photos taken of you and your partner, along with the classic car you’ve selected provided by JC Jags’ Albert Park classic wedding car hire, with the all-natural beauty of Albert Park as the backdrop.

JC Jags has your wedding plan sorted! Don’t stress and spend hours that could be used for other important aspects of your wedding driving around to potential wedding locations. Get in touch with us to book your Jaguar wedding car hire for your big day.