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Lakeside Banquet Wedding Car Hire


Vaida and Berag celebrated their love with a gorgeous traditional wedding and classy ceremony at Lakeside Banquet Wedding Car Hire in Taylors Lakes, surrounded by loved ones.

Their stunning choice of venue complimented Vaida’s dress. Her beautiful, ruffled, white gown made sure all eyes were on her. She was stunning in the elegant venue. Vaida’s fairytale gown, beautiful makeup and glamorous hair all complimented her natural beauty, truly transforming her into a princess.

Lakeside Banquet Wedding Car Hire was definitely the perfect choice for the couple. Its traditional architecture and elegant atmosphere fit in with the whole aesthetic and feel of the wedding. Traditional weddings certainly don’t have to be boring- this one certainly wasn’t.

With classic cars framing Lakeside Banquet Wedding Car Hire, Vaida and Berag looked like royalty surrounded by the bridal party and the incredible venue. Everything styled to resemble scenes from classic romantic films. The addition of JC Jags cars to Vaida and Berag’s special days only added to the elegance.

JC Jags provided classy transportation for the couple. Their ivory Jaguars suited Lakeside Banquet Wedding Car Hire perfectly. These amazing cars were the centrepiece for this classic, traditional celebration. Their classic Jags were perfectly traditional and smart, while also being a fun addition to a beautiful Melbourne wedding.

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Lakeside Banquet Wedding Car Hire