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When Monika and Paul started planning their special day, they chose Polish Wedding Jaguar Hire with JC Jags to complete their classic look.

It was an easy choice when it came to the happy couple’s wedding transportation.  Polish Wedding Jaguar Hire exudes everything that is elegantly European about these beautiful cars.
JC Jags - Polish Wedding Jaguar Hire

Monika and Paul both wanted to have a contemporary edge to their wedding, while still honouring all that is lively and joyous about a traditional Polish wedding.  Once they arrived in their Jaguar wedding car hire and shared their vows, the celebrations began in earnest.

With a gown that was reminiscent of Grace Kelly’s sophisticated style, Monika wowed family and friends – and undoubtedly her groom as well.  The refined lines of her dress, complete with a stunning lace overlay, was unique and unforgettable.

Choosing both the Jaguar MK-V and Jaguar MK-VII models for their wedding car hire, the newlyweds ensured that their photographs were incredible.  Don’t be fooled by the vintage look of these cars – they are fully restored, impeccably maintained and include all of the luxuries you would expect from a newer vehicle.  The 1950’s style complements any wedding, with leather upholstery, walnut dashboards and white wall tyres.

If you have ever been to a Polish wedding, you’ll know that it truly is a party.  Some of the old traditions have been carried over into a more modernised wedding trend, and it makes for a culturally unique affair.  Wedded life often begins with gifts of money, bread and salt, a constant flow of food and vodka, and lots of music and dancing.  If you haven’t been to a Polish wedding, we can only hope that one day you are lucky enough to be invited to one!

The team at JC Jags enjoyed sharing Monika and Paul’s special day with them.  We wish them a life filled with love and happiness.

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