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White Wedding Jags


Want to make a grand entrance at your wedding?


White wedding jags are the ultimate in classic style and are perfect for the big day.

Especially suitable for a more traditional and sophisticated wedding, white wedding jags are timeless and will set the mood perfectly. There is nothing better than the old English white car against a backdrop of a historically beautiful building.


White Wedding Jags At Brunswick Wedding

For that quintessential luxury-meets-style look, these white wedding Jags will ensure you make an impressive entrance to your wedding.

The immaculately restored Jaguars are chauffeured by your choice of experienced male or female uniformed chauffeurs.

You will be taking your wedding up a notch and making it that much more special by arriving in a chauffeured Jaguar MK-V sedan, MK-VII sedan, or Jaguar Sovereign.

White Wedding Jags

So Why Jaguar?

Jaguars are the perfect wedding car for so many reasons.

White Wedding Jags

Vintage Meets Modern

Their stylish vintage appearance is paired with modern features. Wood panels lend some vintage glamour, yet the leather seats, mini bar, DVD and sound system fill all your wedding party’s needs.

Stunning photos

Jaguars photograph well. Their exteriors complement their stylish interiors. The chrome striping against a white base becomes a beautiful part of any wedding photo.

Jaguars also suit any location, whether that’s an old stone church, a vineyard, a beautiful beach or any other enchanting venue

Jaguar Models Match Each Other Perfectly

It’s a little-known secret that Jaguar’s different models were designed to complement each other seamlessly. Because of their aesthetics, they’re highly regarded and much recommended for weddings.


Seats Your Entire Bridal Party

Jaguars seat about four passengers. If you have a small wedding party, one will suffice. But for a larger wedding party, all you need is two or three Jaguars, and you’re set.


Whichever model or models you choose, Jaguars are the ultimate in class and style. Vintage, yet modern, you will find the right one for your big day. Contact JC Jags to book yours now.