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Why Not Travel In Luxury? Melbourne Luxury Jaguar Wedding Car Hire


Have a read below as we take you through your Melbourne luxury Jaguar wedding car hire options.

Melbourne Luxury Jaguar Wedding Car Hire

Your Melbourne wedding day deserves a special entrance.

Stylish, classy and effortless; a Jaguar is the perfect vehicle to arrive in.

In fact, it should be the only car ride worth considering.

Some of our options:



White Classic Jaguar Cars

Want to stay on theme for your wedding arrival?

J.C.Jags have a premium selection of stunning white Jags to choose from.

Not only is this a great alternative to a limo, but a white Jaguar is also guaranteed to make an impression.

The Jaguar MK-V Sedan & The MK-VII Sedan

The Jaguar MK-V Sedan is a stunning automobile perfect for any formal event.

The Jaguar MK-VII Sedan is a slightly later model than the MK-V but just as stylish.

Both MK models are excellent choices, it all depends on your personal preferences.

The Jaguar Sovereign

After a Jaguar but looking for something a little bit different?

The Jaguar Sovereign comes with classic lines, a streamlined body and extra comfort.

This model is perfect for couples that want something effortless, fuss-free and unique.




But no matter what you choose

You should expect luxury. You shouldn’t have to worry about driving on your wedding day.

With male and female chauffeurs, clean vehicles and excellent customer service, J.C.Jags has you covered.

When it to J.C.Jags’ services, they’ll make sure that you’re looked after so that you can sit back and relax.

When it comes to your wedding day, you shouldn’t arrive in any old vehicle.

Melbourne Luxury Jaguar Wedding Car Hire

Thinking about having a Luxury Jaguar Car Hire​ for your Melbourne wedding?
There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on your personal preference and budget.

Get in touch with J.C.Jags today to discuss how you can find the right Jaguar for you.


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