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Hire a professional Jaguar Chauffeur and take the stress out of your wedding day journey.

There are many great reasons for choosing a Jaguar chauffeur. Not only do they know their way around their beautiful classic vehicle, they also know everything necessary to make travelling around Melbourne an amazing experience.

Planning your wedding is an intricate web of dates and decisions, from hair and makeup right to the perfect menu. The last things your want to worry about are directions and traffic. Choosing wedding transport that includes an experienced Jaguar chauffeur is worth much more than the little effort it takes to make it happen.

Here are just a few reasons to enlist the services of a JC Jags chauffeur…

Jaguar Chauffeur
Experts in Melbourne

At JC Jags, our chauffeurs know all the best venues in Melbourne, including reception venues, churches, wineries, outdoor locations, iconic buildings and tourist attractions. They also know the roads and spaces between these popular destinations.

You can relax knowing that your journey will be hassle free and thoroughly enjoyable.

Experts in Traffic

One of Melbourne’s great sticking points, unnecessary traffic is definitely something you don’t want to deal with on your big day, especially when there are magical times to be had at the other end of the trip! Let our Jaguar chauffeurs worry about the best route and dodging pesky roadworks, while you settle in for the luxurious ride.

Jaguar Chauffeur
Experts in Service

If you have never been transported by a professional Jaguar chauffeur before then you’re in for a treat! It’s not just about road maps and schedules. The JC Jags team values service above all else, understanding that an unforgettably wonderful journey is just as important as reaching your destination.


Whether you are ready to secure your wedding day transportation, or are still considering your options, get in touch with JC Jags today.